Your technology + our R&D builds tomorrow’s clean energy


Continuous Solutions’ R&D focus is in the area of electric motors, drives, and conversion systems in power and energy. Following our well-defined process, we take your concept from design to development (or simply through any one of the steps below) to get you the perfect solution.

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How We Do It

1. Feasibility study

Project assessment is key to the success of the project. We match your needs with a pathway forward.


2. Design space search

Our proprietary in-house genetic algorithm can achieve a family of viable design solutions 1,000 times faster than what is commercially available.

3. Design Simulation

1st order design

Choosing multiple designs, a competitive assessment is conducted through 1st order simulations.


4. Optimization of design

The optimal design is singled out and rigorous FEA simulations are applied for environmental, structural and electromagnetic analysis.

5. Prototyping

We put attention to detail and reconfirm designs via our iterative speedy process. Our in-house prototyping capabilities keep your costs low.

6. Diagnostic & Testing

Our laboratory houses two custom  dynamometer that range from less than 25 kW  up to 200 kW, with high speed, low torque and low torque, high speed applications.


Our results consistently exceed our clients’ expectations for power, efficiency, noise and cost.


We can deliver a family of viable solutions 1000X faster


Time to Development: 10X faster


Improvements in Energy Efficiency: +40%


Our Capabilities


Electrical Engineering

  • Analog experience to assist with signal conditioning, RF design or power challenges
  • FPGA and DSP designs to meet your advanced system requirements
  • PCB experience to refine your design into the most compact, cost-effective solution available including high-voltage and high-current designs

Software Engineering

  • Embedded ARM multi-core processors
  • Micro-controller and DSP programming for complex algorithm designs and advanced processing techniques
  • Connectivity, data collection and analytics technologies


  • 2,000-square-foot high-power product development / testing laboratory facility
  • High-power electrical infrastructure
  • 2 independent 250 hp and 30 hp test beds
  • High-power electrical test and development equipment
  • Dedicated load-bank room for off-grid converter development

Mechanical Engineering

  • FEA analysis to expose structural, heat exchange efficiency and potential water / air flow issues • 3D, CAD/CAM design and documentation
  • Plastic experience covering automotive, medical, industrial and consumer applications