Ultra-Efficient Generator Set

Client Requirements:

  • High Power Density

  • High Efficiency

  • Direct Drive and Variable Speed

  • Fault Tolerant

  • Multiple Gensets Power Sharing

  • Easy Maintenance


Project Summary:

Continuous Solutions developed a proprietary quiet, high power density, and easy to maintain geneset that allows power sharing by multiple genset into a single bus. Due to the ever increasing need for a compact, efficient, and quiet Genset especially for on-board power of land and sea vehicles, Continuous Solutions developed a DC-based revolutionary genset technology superior to current state-of-the-art gensets on the market.  

To achieve such high performance, a compact, rigid, high temperature, and high efficiency custom made Wound Rotor Synchronous Generator connected to a power sharing conversion unit has been designed.

Like with all our designs, Continuous Solutions conducted rigorous analysis in electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical domains. A 7kW prototype has been designed and validated to achieve all performance requirements.