Continuous Solutions was founded to solve complex problems in the power, energy and electric motor industry


Hiring the right R&D team can feel paralyzing.

Get it right and you’re bringing innovation to market. Get it wrong and you’re struggling to keep up with your competition.

Continuous Solutions was founded to solve complex problems in the power, energy and electric motor industry. Our team is made up of scientists and researchers from top universities and leading tech companies. Combining our in-house capabilities with boundless determination and experienced insight we guide clients through the creation process to achieve optimal results.


Meet our leadership


Nyah Zarate

CEO, Co-Founder

Education: PhD ChE, MS ChE, BS ChE

Dr. Zarate is the CEO and Program Manager at Continuous Solutions labs, she has over a decade of leadership experience in R&D and engineering. She was a senior R&D engineer at Intel, Abbott and Purdue University where she led a group of researchers in project development, lab organization, equipment allocation and funding.

Nyah is an expert in organizational processes, modeling, simulation, experimentation, and hardware in the areas of control and system level integration. She is the Principal Investigator on a number of projects under SBIR/STTR awards in Phases I, II and III. Chief among these projects are the development of a electric propulsion designs for UUV and VTOL applications, as well as the commercialization of a high performance motor controller for electric vehicles.


Together we can discover state of the art solutions to your most pressing design challenges.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between academic and industry by engineering and developing disruptive technology. We believe in a world where technology is implemented smarter and faster for more affordable and efficient energy, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.