Medium Voltage DC Microgrid For Electric Propulsion

Client Requirements:

  • Optimization of Size, Weight and Power (SWAP)

  • Optimized Grounding Protocol

  • Reduction of EMI/Common Mode Current

  • System Stability Analysis

  • Fault Detection and Tolerance Scheme

  • Integrated Co-simulation Model   

  • Development of Standards and Specifications  

  • Modularity and Scalability  


Project Summary:

In order to meet the power and energy density requirements of the future naval warships the medium voltage DC (MVDC) zonal power distribution system must be well-thought-out to enable the integration of advanced high power electric weapon systems and electric propulsion. A critical design consideration is the grounding system, which has a significant influence on safety, fault performance, and its effects on common mode (CM) currents.

The objective of this project is to develop a concept for a generally applicable, effective, reliable, and affordable grounding system for zonal MVDC systems in electric ship propulsion applications.  Continuous Solutions’ team utilizes an integrated co-simulation model to develop the required grounding and fault detection schemes, and analyze system stability and fault ride-through capability. A CM choke to suppression CM current has been designed using genetic algorithm (GA) optimization, and tested with a full electric ship propulsion system emulator. In addition, advanced control and power management systems are developed and tested to enable generation, delivery, and use of power.