We believe that innovation lies in differences, not in similarities. Our young and diverse expert team allows us to bring innovation to the forefront:  the art of thinking independently, together.



PhD EE, BS EE has over a decade of experience in designing electro-mechanical and electromagnetic systems. Dr. Vaks, obtained his Ph.D. in the area of Power and Energy. He has been responsible for multiple design, modeling, and simulation products. Particularly, Dr. Vaks has worked extensively on electric power related projects such as generator system for the JSF program, actuation systems for UAVs, development of portable generation system, propulsion systems for EVs, and DC-based electrification for microgrid systems. He holds several publications and advising roles in the research and development of electrification of vehicles.  



PhD ChE, MS ChE, BS ChE, has over 10 years of leadership experience in R&D and engineering environments. Nyah was a lead R&D engineer at Intel, at Purdue she led and organized a research group of 10 researchers for equipment allocation, funding, and R&D direction.  She has extensive modeling, simulation, experimental, and hardware experience in the areas of control and system level integration. She is the Principal Investigator on number of projects  under SBIR awards in Phase I, II and III, including the development of novel MVDC-based microgrid system, and high performance motor controller commercialization.